JBS for Schools

JBS is the school management information system of choice for thousands of schools across Kenya.
It makes the running of a school easier and far more efficient.

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JBS SMS is a professional messaging app for learning institutions.
It makes communication to parents and the whole school fraternity more simple, smart and successful.

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JBS Attendance

JBS Attendance is a time-stamp reporting system that uses biometric/fingerprint devices to track a population of students or staff.
It is integrated with SMS, and gives excellent reports of check in/out, days present, absent or late and much more.

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JREM is a perfect software solution for rental properties management.
It helps you keep track of your tenants and their information, invoicing and receipting, tax and general reporting, while allowing effortless communication via integrations of SMS and telegram.

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We're a generation that marks the turning point..

Having a shelf rack full of files in the office, and an intelligent computer system that makes you doubt the files? We're transitioning to the best of our times.

Keep the memories though.

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..into the future

towards a world of economic domains.

As the internet makes you the center of all information through a computer/smartphone, this is our developing way of life - connect with the like-minded.

Boundaries and distance will be of no concern.