This article will take you through the process of analyzing exam results with JBS. We shall start from registration of students into a class, lesson allocations, marks entry and to academic reporting.

Have your school data entered into JBS as required. That is, the subjects, teachers, students into their classes [and dormitories if boarding]. All this is done under the Registration menu.
Hence, register Lessons (still under Registration menu) by specifying class, subject, and the lesson teacher. On the same interface, allocate students taking that lesson.

Onto the Academics menu

Begin by setting up the grading system of your school - the first menu under Academics. In fact following the menu top-down will see you achieve all you want. Ensure you set the default grading system for each class. If you leave it out , your broadsheet may not have a grade for the mean score.
Proceed to register the exams taken in your school per term. Yes, JBS does not limit the number of exams you can analyze.
NOTE: By right-clicking an exam, you can set its marks entry deadline. Beyond the date set, marks entry is closed for that exam.

At marks entry, teachers will select the class and subject they teach for students to be listed. You can register all teachers as users to individual accounts, so that only the lesson teacher can change marks for his/her lesson.

Proceed to broadsheet, where all processing happens, with a straight-forward settings panel to apply any specific requirement as needed.
Always save your broadsheet once satisfied with the settings you applied, and the results.

Any academic report / [menu] beyond this point is just by a click.