Parents, teachers and students can access JBS data remotely through the online portal or JBS on telegram.
This is what necessitates syncing.

To sync you JBS data to the JBS servers, go to Tools menu, open Synchronization. Ensure you have a working internet connection.
Select the data to sync, by default it's specified 'Whole DB', then click start. This will take a while, it is dependent the speed of your internet.

On troubleshooting, reasons of failure to sync are;-
- Mismatch of school name as registered with JBing Systems, and the name as it is in the JBS System. Ensure your school name in the JBS System is as it appears on this list ->.
- If your school is not configured for sync on the JBS servers. Kindly call your vendor to confirm this.
- Poor/unreliable internet connection.