The simple process of generating a timetable starts with having required data in to JBS System, on Registration menu. Register all subjects, including non-examinable ones like P.E, indicating each subject whether it is examinable, and preferred subject color. Also, register classes, teachers and lessons, where you indicate which teacher teaches which class which subject.

...onto the Timetable menu

Begin by specifying the number of periods in your institution, breaks and bell times - the first menu under Timetable. Use the right-click button of your mouse for more options on each listed period.

Next, we set the divisions of each classes for lessons that happen at the same time (optional for the students), e.g BIO/PHY.
By default, each class has one division, Entire Class, which takes the class as a single group. So, on classes & divisions, right-click each class that has such divisions and add the divisions. Ensure you enter each division on its row in the dialog window that opens.

Proceed to Lessons & Groupings, where you specify the number of lessons per week of the listed lessons as entered at Lessons under the Registration menu. Again, right-click a lesson for more options like specifying the venue of the lesson.

Use the edit menu on the right-click menu-list to create joint and stroked lessons, by utilizing the class divisions entered in the previous step.

Next operative menu is the settings. Here, you specify applicable rules like which subjects should not follow, time-off for teachers and subjects, et al.

..and now you are ready to generate a timetable. Open Master Timetable, the last menu under Timetable. Having set all data and settings, click Generate New to automatically create a timetable.
Every click on the Generate New button creates a new possible instance of a timetable, applying the settings entered, plus the no-collision rule.

Right-click a subject-tile for more options like locking or changing subject color. Use the Print preview button to preview and print timetables per class, teacher and per day (block timetable). Click on a tile to pick it and drop it on another period to edit your automatically generated timetable to your desired arrangement if necessary.

Liaise with your JBS vendor if stuck at any point. Cheers!