JBS Additive Features

JBS School System sums up all other administrative details of a learning institution setup, Free!
Coz it's true; the human mind appreciates wholesomeness.

Inbuilt SMS Gateway
Accommodation Manager
Clubs & Societies
Discipline Manager
Attendance Register
With biometrics integration
Sports Manager
Pocket Money Manager
Counselling Groupings
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Office Documents

  • Leaving certificates

    The government-issued leaving certificate template is well integrated within JBS.
    Generate auto-filled certificates by a click of a button.

  • Student ID Cards

    As JBS harbours all student data, including passport-size photographs,
    generate customized ID cards for the students right there in school.

  • Personalized letters

    This is a mail-merge feature within JBS. Generate custom letters per student specific to them,
    mentioning their details within paragraphs like exam scores and fees balances.